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Is the library account number my student number? How could I get the personal password?
The account number to sign in the borrowing system is the number under the bar-code of your student ID card. When signing in the borrowing system for the first time, the password is the last four numbers of your telephone registered in the library data. You can change the password after you sign in; if there is any problem, you can dial extension #255 for help.

How to recommend books?
Please refer to Recommend System. Before you make a recommendation, you should check the ipac system if the library already has had the collections.

If I can't find the books I want to borrow, what should I do?
You can check the opac system to locate the books first:

  1. If the books have already been taken out and there are no copies available, you may make a reservation for the books. When the books are returned, you can go to the checkout counter to borrow them.
  2. The books are in catalogue: You can make an appointment, and then go to checkout counter to take them out within four days.
  3. The books are shown on the shelf but cannot be found: Please go to information counter to write a form about missing books. Some books might not on the shelf temporarily, try to find them again later.

If the book I have borrowed is missing, how should I do?
You should go to information counter first, and then ask the receptionists the details about making amends.

Could I borrow books from other schools?
We have Interlibrary Loan Service with National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), so the students of our school can borrow the library card of NCKU (the loan duration is 14 days). One cannot return the card unless the books are returned or fines are cleared. We also have Interlibrary Loan Service with some universities of education; one can go to the information counter to borrow the library cards.

How could people not from our school borrow the books?
People not from NUTN can exchange temporary library cards with their ID cards, but they cannot borrow the books. Only alumni can use a diploma certificate to apply for a library card of the NUTN library.

How to apply for an alumni library card?
Please bring the diploma certificate and a photo to the information-counter in the library, and then go to accounting office to pay NT$1000 for processing fees (validity is 2 years for each application).

How to renew the book I have borrowed?
As long as the book has not exceeded the loan period and there are no reservations for the book, you can apply for renewal of the loan period. The renewal process may be completed by visiting the library in person with the said book and your ID, or you may complete the process online from the library website.

Why some books cannot be loaned?
The books marked "R" are reference books or special collections, including encyclopedias, dictionaries, statistics, almanacs, essays...etc. This kind of collections cannot be loaned for the convenience of readers to take advantage of them. Some of them have copies therefore can be loaned.